"The technique of allowing tones and colours to shade gradually into one another, producing softened outlines or hazy forms."

Sfumato is also the name given by Daithí Ó hÉighnigh to an exploration into creative healing which took the form of a song cycle with accompanying visualisations.

The impetus for this adventure was Daithí's exposure to the worlds of Buddhist meditation and creative psychotherapy. The intention was to track his own process wherever it lead to, in the moment, as it was happening. The songs are supposed to be listened to in order as they tell a story of a journey from a place of darkness and delusion to a place of hope and compassion.

The artwork was created by irish artist Alan Clarke to the brief of "the depiction a journey from darkness to light in 3 images featuring music a source of nourishment."

The project spanned 18 months between 2011 and 2013 and culminated in the release of an 11-song album entitled "These thing between...", 4 EPs featuring remixes of some of the original recordings and 4 videos. Daithí sings and plays drums, guiar, bass and keyboards. The album also features Miriam Ingram (backing vocals), Rebecca Collins (guest vocals), Eoin Dillon (uileann pipes), Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh (guest vocals), Mischa Langemeijer (saxophone), Esosa Ighodaro, Nono Madolo, Alice Burke & Christine Nalubega (soul choir), Abigail Smith & Lioba Petrie (cello & viola).

The album was released by Learn To Love.

Listen to Sfumato on Spotify or BandCamp.